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Astilbe Astilbes planting and maintenance develops a fern like foliage, and a lovely plume of vibrant flowers. The colors of the flowers are white, pink, red and purple and vary from six inches to as high as five foot. While Astilbe isn’t a hard flower to grow, following these basic instructions can offer you an even more stunning bloom.Checkout the green area for more info.

Site Selection Pick one that has light to maximum shade when choosing a Platform for your Astilbe. Astilbe doesn’t worry for bright morning rays, but they like to be protected from the difficult afternoon heat. Only planting Astilbe in a damp soil can produce the best results.

When and how to plant Astilbe may occur in either the spring or fall. They plant them between one to three feet apart, depending on the size. Till the soil between ten to fourteen inches thick, then add in two to four inches of manure to ready the garden area. Dig the hole double the container diameter when planting from a bowl and wide enough to reach the top of the root ball just completely. Place the bulb in the cavity, and remove the soil carefully, gently firming. Finally, water deeply and hold soil moist before roots start to grab. If your Astilbe has bare-roots, dig the four to six inch deep hole twice as wide as your vine. When the root structure is put out of the plant fan and filled with dirt. Gently firm the dirt, then drink until it is damp.

Care A mild fertilizer or compost is added at each time. Add two inches of mulch across the flower base for moister preservation and weed control. Astilbe will be separated every three or four years even as during the spring the new growth appears.

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