Grande Prairie Physio Explained

The physiotherapist should go back to having an detailed description of the condition until the discomfort has been examined. Do you want to learn more? Visit Grande Prairie Physio. In a sudden injury or event, or slowly over a long period with a gradual worsening, the pain problem can come on quickly. A sudden occurrence is likely to suggest a soft tissue damage to a first-period tendon, bone, ligament or disk with the usual elevated pain rate, and eventually a steady lowering to a repair point. This will lead the physio to look for the structure likely damaged and examine the anatomical area function.

A slow emergence of pain may represent a variety of things: one is that the individual has done an aggravating procedure several times over a long period of time and this begins weakening a system through overuse; another factor is that the person holds a certain pose over prolonged amounts of time contributing to tissue pressures that tend to trigger pain. It is important to resolve repetitive success of an aggravating task by modifying the operation or handling the process in a particular manner. Postural adjustment may be helpful for addressing problems like working at a seat, leaning over too far or traveling over lengthy stretches.

The standard experience of a gradually developing condition is that at any stage there will be an eruption, either fairly quickly or steadily creeping on, and eventually the discomfort will relax for a while. But at some stage it resurfaces and this loop is replicated over an uncertain amount of time. When the condition persists, there will be one episode when the discomfort will not be fixed later and the individual may have a chronic pain issue at a small degree. Episodes may still occur on this chronic pain base, and with time the overall pain level may worsen.

The physiotherapist will want to know what the patient has done to try and correct the problem, such as changing work, changing activities, taking up exercise, attending a manual therapist or avoiding aggravating activities. Injuries can begin from intense pain progressing to an ache that is compounded by repetitive motions and postures, postural disorders are specifically related to particular locations, disks will bring severe discomfort to the joints, which may trigger physical deformities, which nerve pain may be intermittent and often random.

Also of concern to the physio is the performance and failure the efforts to cope with the pain because they will provide hints to what method could bring more progress.

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