Essential Aspects about SEO

I visit several SEO and Web Marketing forums on a regular basis and a discussion about the SEO industry and ethics happens every so often. Upon engaging in a lot of these forums, it was very clear that the biggest challenges are the realities that no two SEO firms are identical and there is no single approach. It is very difficult to make assumptions about the industry as a whole, since what is actually ‘SEO’ is debatable. Throw in the fact that the majority of SEO companies keep their methods and campaign tactics hidden and we have a situation where each company is completely different with very different outcomes. Visit

Fact 1: The SEO approach does not exist unified. In fact, Wikipedia describes SEO as a process of improving the traffic from SERPs to a site. HOW they do it, of course, is the real problem, and it triggers the debates.

Fact 2: The success of an SEO campaign depends on the layout of the web, the quality of the web, the keywords, the technique and how popular the site is. A site can’t rank only for some random keyword. SEO isn’t voodoo, either. It is intuition, problem solving, and mixed Internet marketing. Unless your site does not give users any interest, it is definitely not going to rank.

Truth 3: Most ‘SEO’s do optimization of search engines and others do manipulation of search engines. Obviously, it’s all sold as SEO. Unethical software produces performance at any expense and is often short term (usually ends in a domain name that is banned). Ethical optimisation opens the web to the search engines and provides long-term advantages.

Fact 4: Many SEO firms are paying whether their platform earns rankings or not. Unfortunately, it is the business that is the case. Many SEO companies adopt A, B, and C and move on to the next client. Hopefully ranks on the web. When it is not, they still have more buyers.

Fact 5: Many SEO companies use inbound tactics which are both ethical and immoral. Buying bulk links from India, links to spam / scraper websites, or selling huge submission packages for directories is very popular for SEO companies to maximize profits. It’s also usual for SEO companies to put huge amounts of the contract into inbound linking to compensate for the site optimization’s poor quality.

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